Let’s dance Nia together to feel alive!

“I always leave class feeling more fully alive and equipped to face whatever is next. Beth is a fantastic Nia teacher and I love our Nia community.” - Joan

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The Nia Technique is a movement practice, a diverse mix of dance, martial arts and healing arts, creating a mindful, holistic workout unlike any other. Classes are generally done barefoot to soul-stirring music that motivates every part of you to move. The community is welcoming, all fitness levels, ages, shapes, and genders are invited and honored.

Nia nurtures, strengthens and balances the

  • Physical body... build sensory awareness, conditioning, flexibility and mobility
  • Mind... focusing on what you want and taking time for your self care
  • Emotions... accepting and dancing with your emotions, leading them to enter natural balance
  • Spirit... letting your unique spirit express itself through movement

Nia Dance Stories

“Beth was born to be a movement instructor. One of the many things I love about taking her classes online is how easy it is to follow her because of her long, graceful limbs.”

- Mary Beth

“Dancing with Beth and practicing Nia, in general, has been a wonderful experience and part of my life. Life-changing really. Not only do I get a great workout in my own pace I also take that time to get in touch with my emotions and my mind. It’s a time to let go and to be grateful. It’s way more than a workout!”

- Maria

“Nia Class with Beth is one of my favorite times of the week. She makes dance accessible for whatever your body can do, and I leave every class feeling more alive and more joyful. Her instruction is masterful and Nia is a fabulous workout for the body, heart and soul.”

- Ginny

Nia Classes

Let's Move Together to Feel Good!

Nia is a unique combination of nine movement forms drawn from dance, martial arts and healing arts. We move our entire bodies in a healthful, sustainable way to sense joy and pleasure, not pain. Nia is for all fitness abilities and all ages. Nia can be an high intensity aerobic workout or more easy and gentle, depending the level of intensity you bring to the movement.

Nia is practiced in 45 countries around the globe. The Nia Technique was created by Debbie and Carlos Rosas in 1983 to build a sustainable, holistic movement and lifestyle practice that empowers people to live their best lives by engaging their senses and listening to their bodies.

Take a Nia class with Beth from anywhere in the world through her online classes (CST). In-person classes are located in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

Current Weekly Schedule

  • Tuesday - 9:30 am - In-Person at Tula Yoga and Wellness, St. Paul: Register Here
  • Thursday - 9:30 am - In-Person at Center for Performing Arts, Mpls
  • Saturdays, Nia in the Park, 9:30 am- 10:30 am, *temporarily held at the South end of Uŋčí Makhá park in St. Paul, right along the Mississippi River Blvd. There's a small parking lot across the street from the park.
  • Nia in the Park, c0-taught by Beth Giles and Andrea Weiss at Hidden Falls Regional Park (North Gate)*, St. Paul, drop-in class, offered for free with St. Paul Fitness in the Parks, donations are gratefully accepted. Bring a mat or towel for the end of class and a water bottle. 

Unless otherwise noted in-person classes offered at
Center for Performing Arts, 3754 Pleasant Ave. S., Minneapolis

Planning a Special Event?

Nia with Beth Giles creates specialized workshops, dance parties and classes, both online and in-person for celebrations, conferences, wellness events. Contact us and let's discuss the possibilities.

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Take a Dance Break and Move with Beth on YouTube

My Story...

I stepped into my first Nia class in 2004 and my life was forever changed. I started teaching Nia in 2012 and have had the pleasure of guiding hundreds of people to feel better in their bodies, to move for self-healing, joy and fun.

Teaching Nia is my passion, my purpose and my joy! I believe all of us, no matter our age, gender, level of physical fitness, are born to move and dance our bodies to sense the joy of being alive.

In addition to teaching Nia I love to sing, practice Reiki, hike, garden, read, explore new places and be with my family and friends. Dance often!

Beth Giles

Nia Black Belt Instructor
Nia FreeDance DJ
Reiki II Practitioner

Nia Dance Stories

“Dancing Nia with Beth always makes my body, emotions, and spirits feel good! The dancing moves every part of the body and speaks to every emotion. It's a lot of fun!  Beth is such a skilled teacher and inspires everyone with her love of Nia and everyone who comes to her classes.”

- Alison

“Feel good with a 'Nia with Beth Giles' class! I make it a daily practice in my home on Zoom with Beth's online classes and recordings. I move my body at my own level. I have mended from an injury and feel so much better...mind, body, soul! These classes are far better and easier than any "exercise" routine.”

- Christi

“Nia with Beth is a real mix of martial arts, contemporary dance, and spiritual connection. It is always both freeing and challenging. Beth is constantly learning and changing the routines. There is NO boredom in her classes, just fun!”

- Pam